How do you bill for your services?

We bill a monthly flat fee for our clients as opposed to an hourly rate.  We want to ensure we have open-door communication with our clients.  Our fees are typically setup to recur monthly and/or when bookkeeping has begun..

How will you receive my bookkeeping?

Our preferred method is to receive your bookkeeping documents through our secure document transfer system, ICFiles, as this is the most secure method.  Documents are stored on an encrypted server that is password protected, allowing you to share your files over the Internet. All account passwords are encrypted with a one-way encryption so that even we don’t know your password. As always, you are welcome to mail or drop off your documents, we'd love to visit!  Many financial institutions offer a third-party view only access which allows us to pull many statements online.

What documents will be needed to complete my bookkeeping?

To provide the most accurate service, we typically need the following: all bank and credit card statements, loan statements and/or amortization schedules, check stubs, deposit details, payroll information / reports, merchant statements, and any other documents we may request.

Do I need both a bookkeeper and a CPA?

Absolutely!  CPAs will typically pick up where our services begin to taper off.  The financials we prepare are exactly what your CPA needs to effectively complete their tasks.  A CPA can prepare your tax return, franchise return and provide tax planning as we do not provide any type of tax services outside of payroll and sales tax.  We pride ourselves on working seamlessly with your CPA of choice!




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